Timberlake High School

Daily Bulletin

Daily Bulletin!

Tuesday, March 20, 2018

Happy Birthday Mr. Simpson

Study Table: Mrs. Wells-Room-203


Bus Duty: AM bus- Mrs. Hauck

AM Commons- Mr. Jarstad

PM bus- Mr. Johnson


Lunch Duty: 1st Lunch- Mrs. Walton & Admin

2nd Lunch- Mr. Albertson, Mrs. Walton, & Admin



The Bismark Turner Scholarship will take you 15 minutes of work to fill out! There are multiple scholarships awarded for varying amounts. If you have time to fill out only ONE scholarship, make it this one! You have everything you need for it from your senior project and filling out your FAFSA. Turn it in to Ms. Paquette by April 13th.


Girls Basketball Awards will be held in the Commons on Wednesday at 5:30pm  

If you’d like to run for student council next year, pick up forms from Mrs. Rhodes in Room 220 ASAP.  Forms are due back on Wed, April 4th


6:00-8:00 Boys Basketball Banquet