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Principal's Message

Welcome to THS




Welcome to Timberlake High School!  On behalf of the staff of Timberlake High School, I would like to tell you about the mission of Timberlake High School, our current goals, new procedures we are implementing this year, and opportunities we will provide for our students.  At Timberlake High School, we believe that in partnership with parents and community, we will prepare and inspire students to confidently adapt to the challenges of the 21stCentury, we will develop academic excellence within all of our students, and we will promote lifelong learning for each student.  We maintain that our graduates will be able to function effectively in the family, the workplace, and the larger society. 

For the 2016-2017 school year, we have established goals to facilitate our mission.  One goal is to continue refining the professional learning community process within our staff.  We will do this by effectively utilizing late start Mondays for the purpose of data analysis to promote enhanced teaching pedagogy and methods.  Another major goal is to increase our proficiency rates on the statewide ISAT 2.0 that is taken by the sophomore class and the SAT that is taken by the junior class.  We have developed building-wide strategies surrounding reading, writing, and math that all content areas will focus on to increase the skills and comprehension needed for our students to be successful within these benchmark tests. 

To help support all students, we have implemented a designated Tiger T.I.M.E. period at the end of the day Tuesday-Friday.  During this time, students will be given assistance and intervention as needed.  Teachers can request to have students come work with them, or students can request to work with teachers to clarify their own learning.  We have also changed some of our philosophies on grading practices.  As a staff, there will be less emphasis placed on homework and practice, and more emphasis placed on mastery of essential learning objectives.  Placing more emphasis on the mastery of essential learning objectives ensures that students’ grades are reflective of high levels of learning.

Timberlake High School continues to be recognized by US News and World Report as one of “America’s Best High Schools”, and by homefacts.com as an "A"school.  We pride ourselves on providing a safe learning environment where students are pushed to their maximum potential and where they learn the life skills that will provide them success beyond high school.  We offer numerous advanced opportunities for those students wishing to gain college credit, and while all of our classes are rigorous, we offer an advanced diploma for students who want to pursue more than just the minimum graduation requirements.  In addition to academic rigor, Timberlake High School athletics and co-curricular programs consistently perform at high levels at district and state events. 

As always, we encourage parents to be active members in their child’s education.  Our community has remained supportive throughout the 18 years this school has been open.  By believing in the power of this school, the people of this community have empowered our students to achieve success on a daily basis.  Please take a few minutes to look at our website and all that Timberlake High School has to offer and has accomplished.  If you have questions regarding our high school and programs, please feel free to give me a call or stop by my office.